How much does a queen size cost?

How much does a queen size cost? Is it in stock? When can I get it?

Between $135 and $2,700. Yes, probably. Right now, probably. It’s a good question, but there are a lot of variables to it. Do you need a mattress and box or the mattress only? Is this for yourself, a guest room or a relative? Are you a back, stomach or side sleeper? Do you prefer to sleep “on” or “in” your bed? Do you like firm, medium or soft support? What state and city are you in? Did you need it delivered or want to pick it up? The quickest way to answer your question is to call the store closest to you, our sales people won't bite and are happy to answer any comfort, quality, stock or delivery questions you have and can give you all the details you need to pick the right mattress.