Why don't you sell online? Why don't you have prices on your website?

 Because it's really hard to describe comfort. We can say “this one is firm and perfect for folks who sleep on their back” but that doesn't accurately describe firm; the support core could be firm and supportive but have a soft layer on top to minimize pressure points, it could be a high-density foam that doesn't allow much give at all, it could be firm like a couch cushion or firm like a bus seat. We truly believe you need to lay down on a mattress for a while to appreciate it.

 It's pretty expensive to ship a mattress. The smallest twin size mattress will weigh 45 lbs. and be 20x20x 40 inches and some queen size matts are over 200 lbs. The shipping charges add up fast, and once a mattress has been unrolled it's even more expensive should a return be necessary.

We do not list prices or individual mattress builds for a few reasons. 

 Components change all the time. Availability of materials can be hit and miss. We change products frequently and often have items in one location that are not at others.

 Some stores are smaller than others and do not have every bed available on their floor. We don’t want to list something that is not available in your area. For these reasons we only put the collection descriptions on our website and not the components in each mattress.

 Some stores have greater shipping costs. Everything sold in Washington comes by common carrier or the manufactures truck and for Alaska arrives by barge, train or truck and these costs are reflected in the mattresses price. Mattress Ranch believes in honest pricing, we don’t inflate prices in one area to make up for another and we don’t mark everything up so high that shipping charges won’t matter. A mattress in Fairbanks is going to be more expensive than one in Olympia.

 We have a limited staff; our IT person is also our warehouse person and sometimes our lawn care person. HR makes purchasing decisions and price tags, salespeople also do janitorial duties. We try to stick to what we are good at and that's operating as lean as possible. Less managers = less costs!