Why Shop At Mattress Ranch?


Selection: Most of our locations have over 40 different mattresses in six sizes, plus RV sizes! Bonnell coil, individually encased coil, latex, gel, memory foam, massage and adjustable, we have them all. We also offer a good selection of mattress pads, sheets and pillows to make up your new bed. Choose your comfort and choose your price, extra firm to extra soft, from the least expensive to ultra premium, they are all at Mattress Ranch.

Quality: All of our mattresses are American made from top to bottom and crafted locally in our supplier’s state of the art factory near Seattle. Our entire assortment is top quality; no seconds, no blems, no irregulars. We insist our mattresses be made with only the highest quality foams and fibers and be certified free of toxic chemicals. Our innerspring units are made using only tempered steel and the wood for our foundations comes from renewable forests.

Mobile Mattress: We offer a large selection of foam and innerspring mattresses packaged so they can fit into your vehicle. Our supplier compresses this assortment into rolls approximately 20” in diameter.  The length of the roll is equal to the width of the bed, for example a queen mattress would be 60” long and 20” around. All of these can fit in the average SUV and most can fit in a passenger car. *We also have foundations that fold down to a compact size that can be transported easily. Imagine a real bed with a foundation that fits in your car!

Price: We can sell below the rest because 1.) We control our costs. We don't pay for delivery trucks, a big off site warehouse and staff. We don't open in the flashy high rent part of town. We don’t have a bunch of high paid executive staff. 2.) Mattress Ranch negotiates very low prices on our mattresses.  Because of our high volume our supplier is a willing partner in bringing prices down. 3.) We have a low markup. We can take a lower markup because we are a family owned business with no stock holder pressure on our bottom line.

Good Neighbor: We are concerned with our environment and insist our suppliers are as well. We dedicate approximately 25% of our advertising budget to aid charitable causes. We won't pressure you into making a purchase, we won't try and burden you with an expensive financing contract. We don't mark up prices to mark them down, we don't have sale after endless sale. You won't need to be a professional haggler to get the lowest price on a mattress, there is no magic word to get a discount. We have everyday low prices; the price on the tag is the price of the mattress.

Please shop around and look at what other stores are offering before you visit Mattress Ranch, you'll be pleased with the difference.